Morgan Harper Nichols Daily Affirmations Set

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Brighten your day with inspirational messages with this beautiful collection of artwork and quotes from Morgan Harper Nichols, Sis! Housed in a square wood frame, you can rotate the 25 designs for weekly or daily affirmation. Fits perfectly on your desk, bedisde table, or hung on the wall.

Sis, do you ever need encouragement? Could you use some brightness and inspiration in your space? Bring beauty and daily affirmation into your life with this collection of inspiring quotes and colorful artwork by Morgan Harper Nichols. Packaged in a square wood box frame with a slot on the top, this artwork set includes 25 unique and uplifting designs you can change on the daily. Place it on a dresser, desk, bookshelf, mantel or wherever you can see it best for encouragemwnt. As a poet and artist, Morgan Harper Nichols pairs words of hope, self-acceptance, and perseverance with her designs to inspire and encourage people around the world. Daily affirmations set includes a wooden display box and 25 different daily affirmations featuring the inspirational words and artwork of Morgan Harper Nichols. Example quotes: Through sun and rain, you will bloom all the same.
Let every exhale remind you: you are worthy of surrender.
You can still know peace without knowing what comes next. 8" W x 8" H x 2" D

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