Sulwe by Lupito Nyong'o - Book

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Lupita Nyongo's Sulwe is the ultimate picture book on seeing, owning, and loving one's unique beauty. Follow Sulwe, a little girl who "has skin the color of midnight" as she learns to not just accept herself, but to love and see her own beauty. With lessons on colorism and self-esteem, Sulwe is an excellent story for teaching and validating what true beauty is and where it comes from--within!

Too often we are preoccupied with the color of our skin. The darker we are, the less beautiful we feel in the world. Sulwe, a New York Times besteller and the first children't picture book from actress Lupita Nyong'o, is the perfect story to teach your little one (and yourself!) about colorism, self-esteem, kindness, and the meaning of true beauty. It's a magical journey beautifully illustrated by Vashit Harrison, making it your go-to bedtime book night after night. 

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