TCM: Perfect Shave Bundle

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Dad's about to be looking fresh! With the Perfect Shave Bundle from TCM, dad gets a trio of amazing shaving products to try: the Pre-Shave Oil, moringa oil and sunflower seed oil infused Shave Cream, and the After Shave Balm. When used together, he'll get a close shave that's gentle on skin, prevents in-grown hairs and irritation, and leaves him looking smooth, soft, supple. It's a spa day for Dad in a bundle! $40.00

The TCM Perfect Shave Bundle is the perfect gift for Father's Day (or his birthday!). He'll enjoy the TCM Pre-Shave Oil, TCM Shave Cream, and the TCM After Shave Balm. When used together, this bundle provides the closest shave while caring for his skin and preventing irritation to boot. It's the perfect gift for him!

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