Valentine's Day Morning Afternoon, Night Assortment, Pack of 3

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Shower them with love in the morning, afternoon, and night with our Valentine's Day Morning, Afternoon, and Night Assortment Card pack of three. Each card comes with a loving message perfect for every part of Valentine's Day so they feel loved all day long!

We've got a card for morning, noon, and night this Valentine's Day! The Valentine's Day Morning, Afternoon, and Night Assortment card pack of three is the perfect purchase to shower your loved one with love the whole day through. The pack includes three sweet messages of love: 1) The Baby, You Did Me In card which features lush gold lettering and red hearts against a black background with the sultry message: "Baby, Imma call it out: You Did me in from day one." on the front and "Your love is fure. And my desire for you is stronger than ever. Being yours is the best thing I've ever been. Happy Valentine's Day" inside. 2) The Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher card which features script lettering, swirling heart designs, and a red and gold pattern of shiny foil, metallic ink, and embossed accents with the message: "Your love keeps lifiting me higher" on the front and "With you beside me, I get to laugh more, try more, dream more, and have more fun while I'm at it. Your love makes the hard things easier and new things more exciting. I'm happier than I ever knew I could be...because of you. Happy Valentine's Day" inside. 3) The Big-Time Love card which features a sweet illustration of a couple embracing and surrounded by hearts and flowers against a purple and pink background with the message "Here's a little valentine for me to sing your praise and share with you my big-time love, so let me count the ways..." on the front and "I love your eyes. I love your size. I love your taste in clothes. I love your butt (it's pretty cute). I love your head to toes. I love the way you keep it real and how you do me right. I love your smile. I love your style. You're perfect i nmy sight. I love you, love you, love you every the whole year through. And most of all, I love that you show big love for me, too!" inside.  

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