God Goals Journal

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Keep it simple, Sis! The 'God, Goals, Growing & Glowing' Journal from Eccolo and by Thomas + Cocoa offers 256 ruled pages for you to get in touch with the man upstairs, set your goals, follow your growth, and get your glow on!

Whether you're trying to get closer to God, set up your goals, track your growth, activate your glow, or all the above, the 'God, Goals, Growing & Glowing' Journal from Eccolo by Thomas + Cocoa is perfect for you. This large journal (8x10) features 256 ruled pages with high ink compatibility that makes it perfect for writing down your thoughts, doodling, journaling, taking notes, or making calendars. Markers and pens won't bleed and pencils glide easily across the thick ivory acid-free paper. Get yours and start growing and glowing, Sis!

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