It’s Time to Unplug Candle

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We're the most plugged in than we've ever been, and it's starting to take it's toll. Do you feel like you're constantly on your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop? Are you always scrolling, watching, liking, and sharing? While being connected is great, things can get hectic without a break. Take one when you burn the It's Time to Unplug Candle from Mahogany X The 125 Collection. It's a mini-vacation you won't want to miss, Sis.

You know life gets crazy, and sometimes our connections to all our devices just makes things worse. Take a tip from Mahogany X The 125 Collection and unplug with the It's Time to Unplug Candle. Put your feet up relax, and take a moment to just be—without posting about it! Enjoy the unwind, Sis!

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