Manifest. Believe. Receive Large - Candle

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Sis, don't get bogged down in what life is—manifest and believe in what it can be! The Manifest. Believe. Receive candle from the 125 Collection reminds you that living the life you want is a matter of a will, and you have the power to light life up just like this candle!

The power to change your circumstances is in your hands, Sis! When you light up the Manifest. Believe. Receive. Candle from the 125 Collection, you get a sweet and soothing reminder that sometimes it's as easy as that! You just need to Manifest you dreams, Believe they're coming true, and have open arms to Receive them when they do! With a burn time of 80 hours, this vegan soy wax candle is the perfect meditation companion to help you manifest, believe, and receive.

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