Mother's Day Card Assortment "Mama": 4 Pack

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For all the mother's in your life, there's Mahogany's Mother's Day 4-Card Pack. Wish a Happy Mother's Day to your momma, granny, friends, aunties, cousins, and colleagues with a card from this enchanting pack. Each card speaks to an individual mother-figure, and each features artwork that uplifts and celebrates Black motherhood. Show her you care with a sweet card from this pack and remind her that mothers touch so many lives. Happy Mother's Day!

Card 1: You're a Godly Woman and a True Blessing Mother's Day Card for Mama

  • Message: Front message: Mama You Are a True Blessing; When you have a mama who knows the Lord, knows His Word, and lives out His purpose in her life... you know what faith is.
  • Inside message: When you have a mama who keeps you thankful, keeps you lifted, and keeps you prayed up... you know what hope is. When you have a mama who is a godly woman with a compassionate heart and a forgiving spirit... you know what grace is. When you have a mama whose beauty is matched only by the goodness she brings to everyone around her... you know what love is. Happy Mother's Day to you, Mama—you're all a godly woman should be.

Card 2: Quiet Strength, Fierce Love Mother's Day Card for Mama

  • Front message: Mama, I love your quiet strength.
  • Inside message: Everyone who knows you knows how kind your heart is. But I also know that when I've needed you, your love was protective and fierce. That gave me extra confidence to step out, own my voice, and be true to myself. When the world brought it, you helped me face it. You still do. Wanted you to know how much that means to me. Happy Mother's Day. I love you.

Card 3: You're a Beautiful Reflection of God's Love Mother's Day Card for Mama

  • Front message: Mama, you're a beautiful reflection of God's love.
  • Inside message: I've seen God in your smile, in your eyes, in your heart, in your soul. I've felt His compassion in your hug. I've heard His whisper in your voice. I've seen Him in the way you're there to help your family, your community, and people you've never even met. I've seen God in the way you live out the things other folks just talk about. Thank you, Mama, for being a living example of God in the world. Wishing You a Truly Blessed Mother's Day

Card 4: I Love that I Come From You Mother's Day Card for Mama

  • Front message: Mama I love that I come from you.
  • Inside message: It's your lessons that I live by, and I feel so blessed to be a child of yours who continues the legacy you've created. Today, hope you feel even a portion of the love and caring you've poured in our family. Happy Mother's Day


Hallmark Mother's Day card measures approximately 5.0" W x 7.19" H and comes with a coordinating envelope. Envelope color may vary.

Printed on high-quality paper stock, Hallmark greeting cards are made with paper from responsibly managed forests.

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